Wuhan Virus Covid19 Update 3/18/2020

  • US deaths hit 114
  • Senate to vote on 2nd economic rescue bill ( tax payer funded, never forget that)
  • Iran reports another 147 deaths. too bad.
  • Hong Kong reported 14 new confirmed cases as cases start again in asia
  • Brazil Senate Chief tests positive
  • France case total nears 2,000, death toll passes 250
  • NYSE to close floor trading
  • McConnell promises vote on 2nd economic bailout package by Friday
  • Kudlow says US might capitalize troubled companies by buying stock> hey we are all now stock holders since its our money! Do I need a financial adviser now?
  • WHO declares virus “enemy of humanity” eye rolls
  • State Department suspends visa services
  • Germany sees 1k new cases as total nears 10k
  • Kudlow says stimulus package should be $1.3 trillion. why not? its only paper
  • Merkel warns country facing biggest challenge since WWII. I could make an argument that something more sinister actually is.
  • European Union seals borders, contradicting their claim that borders are just imaginary lines on a map
  • PM Johnson prepares ‘London Lockdown’ plan
  • Trump says China hasn’t asked the US to suspend tariffs
  • UAW succeeds in pushing Detroit automakers to shut down factories, why not since they know they will be bailed out by tax payers again
  • UK reportedly about to close schools as Boris scrambles to catch up with policy U-turn
  • ECB holding emergency call over virus response
  • Facebook launches coronavirus website information center after going crazy ass wild censoring any C-virus posts last night
  • France follows Germany by eliminating bank capital buffers
  • HUD suspends evictions protected class is always protected
  • Cuomo bars NY companies from having more than 50% little Stalin enjoys his new war powers
  • Wal-Mart shares hit record high
  • US, Canada agree to close border
  • Cuomo says state “looking into” reports of Covid-19 cluster in Borough Park
  • White House now pushing to send 2 $1,000 checks to every American. New gun anyone?
  • Spanish Olympic Committee head says Tokyo Games should be postponed as world depicted in AKIRA draws closer

And now for some CDC insight.

Authored by Daniel Greenfield via Sultan Knish blog,

The Centers for Disease Control has a $6.6 billion budget and one job which it messes up every time.

The last time the CDC had a serious workout was six years ago during the Ebola crisis. Back then CDC guidelines allowed medical personnel infected with Ebola to avoid a quarantine and interact with Americans until they showed undeniable symptoms of the disease. There were no protocols in place for treating the potentially infected resulting in the further spread of the disease inside the United States.

At the height of the crisis, confidence in the CDC fell to 37%. Meanwhile, CDC personnel had managed to mishandle Ebola virus samples, accidentally sending samples of the live virus to CDC labs. And the heads of the health bureaucracy blamed the lack of funding for their failure to have an Ebola vaccine.

The self-quarantine measures adopted in response to the coronavirus outbreak are partially a response to the lessons of the Ebola disaster.

But during the Ebola crisis, Democrats tried to shift responsibility from the Obama administration by blaming Republicans for cutting the CDC’s budget from $6.5 billion to $5.9 billion. Sound familiar? Where do those billions for the CDC actually go? Among other things, pushing gun control. The terrible budget deal from December allocated $25 million to the CDC and NIH to study gun violence.

During the Ebola crisis, the CDC had been spending a mere $2.6 million on gun violence studies. But the CDC has a history of wasting money on everything from a $106 million visitor’s center with Japanese gardens, a $200K gym, a transgender beauty pageant, not to mention promoting bike paths.


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