Just The Tip


You know how it goes, you get accused of bruising your homie’s kid and next thing you know, you get shot in the little head. I will refrain from making about 12 jokes in very poor taste.

19-year-old Daniel Crowder was charged with aggravated assault after he shot the tip of another man’s penis.

On March 8th, victim Clarence Lewis and Daniel Crowder were involved in an argument over a bruise that Daniel suspected Clarence left on his 2-year-old son. The bruise actually turned out to be hair dye.

Daniel Crowder (MNPD)
Daniel Crowder (MNPD)

……The shot rang out and blew the tip of Clarence’s penis off. While enduring the newly inflicted trauma, Clarence continued to wrestle with Daniel until he flipped him on the ground and Clarence was able to take off down the street, avoiding anymore bloodshed. As he was running away, Daniel fired two additional shots that did not make contact with any part of Clarence’s body.


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