Wuhan Virus Update 3/17/2020


All the news that’s relevant in a bite sized amount for your pleasure.

  • Fed reportedly plans to throw vital lifeline to Commercial Paper market
  • US death toll hits 100 virtually doubling over night
  • Confirmed coronavirus cases in the US pass 5k
  • EU leaders close borders to non-EU citizens . I guess they do know borders are real
  • Merkel says ‘joint debt options’ discussed by EU leaders
  • WH planning $850 billion economic rescue package. tax payer funded rescue
  • 2nd rescue package still stalled over Senates’ ‘minor’ changes
  • Cuomo reports 432 new cases, bringing state total over 1,000 and retaking No. 1 spot. it’s a helluva town
  • Fla. Gov. Ron DeSantis closes all bars and nightclubs
  • Trump doubles down on “Chinese virus” phrasing after Beijing complains
  • Kentucky Derby postponed until September. Silly hat sales drop
  • UK announces £330 billion rescue package, strengthens police powers. Like always the UK is happy to strengthen police powers mate
  • Goldman says “world is in a recession” look who just woke up
  • Luxembourg declares ‘state of emergency’
  • EU eases rules, allows some state aid to companies
  • Gov Pritzker confirms 1st death in Illinois, confirmed cases hit 22 I wonder how many died in Chicago gang violence?
  • France says deficit will blow out to 3.9%
  • Lindsey Graham opposes “$1,000 per person” plan. He’d rather sent it to Israel
  • Esper says 2 Navy hospitals can help with response, but building ad hoc hospitals ‘probably best left up to the states’
  • NYC Mayor says “absolutely considering” shelter-in-place order or gulags will be built
  • De Blasio says ‘no clusters in New York’ Ok commie
  • Amazon stops shipments of “non-essential” goods to warehouses pissing me off big time
  • Moscow denies reports of citywide quarantine
  • Turkey jails 19 over ‘provocative’ social media posts
  • Spain turns away 500 cars after setting up border checkpoints
  • Pakistan reports first death
  • S&P warns “sudden economic stop” will trigger deep recession
  • Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson leave quarantine, no one cares
  • Poland says minister has caught the virus
  • 8 US banks access discount window
  • Trump slams Michigan’s Democratic Gov.
  • national guard deployed in Georgia
  • Japanese Olympic official catches Covid19

Emergency screening tents are going up at local hospitals, and doctors are reportedly being called out of retirement or out of teaching positions at universities to ensure staffing needs.

Image via AP

One New York physician, Dr. Christopher M. Tedeschi, a longtime emergency physician and assistant professor at the Columbia University Medical Center told The New York Times the situation is looking dire in New York City, which is expected to see confirmed cases hit 1000 at least by week’s end, and with 644 cases in the city as of Tuesday.

“We are not prepared to deal with a rapid and severe surge of patients — we’re just not,” Dr. Tedeschi said. “We’re sort of planning for what’s going on right now, and we’re trying to make up for lost time, but I’m not sure we’re planning for a month from now, or even two weeks from now.”


  1. More will die due to the economic hits and panic then the virus.We to a large degree a lot of us already had it and wrote off as a flu/bad cold.Suer,keep up with sanitary actions/keep those who this could kill due to other health conditions/age a bit back from the public but most of us I feel have had,will get it and just move on,if the powers that want to be let us.They do not let us move on,well,then we have a real deadly situation in the country.

    • It’s certainly true that one could come up with a cure that’s worse than the disease at a macro level.

      However, if the health system gets overwhelmed by WuFlu, then we start stacking bodies like cordwood, like China, Iran and Italy.

      Our health system is woefully underprepared for something like this, and it turns out that the scoundrels who have been running this country have offshored the manufacturing of critical medical supplies (from PPE to antibiotics) to our biggest geopolitical adversary. Who also happens to have been devastated by an epidemic over the last few months.

      We can find creative ways to keep people in bread and cash. We can make lots of the former and literally print the latter. We can’t rapidly create health care capacity, especially if doctors and nurses are quarantined, sick and dying.

      We will not be able to definitively determine whether the cure was worse than the disease. But if the measures taken by governments keep us from Italy’s fate, that’s worth a lot.


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