Maryland: URGENT Call to Action! OPPOSE Emergency Legislation HB650


HB650, the State Government – Emergency Management – Governor Declarations bill, is a broadly unprecedented and dangerous bill which would allow the following:

Permanent seizure of any and all personal property, including homes and possessions, without due process or notice

Executive authority to supersede local jurisdictions and require the cooperation of sheriffs, superintendents, etc. for any action deemed necessary

Suspension of the effect of any statute, rule, or regulation of any agency of the state or of a jurisdiction that the Governor deems unnecessary or counter-productive

Compulsory evacuation of all or part of the population from any emergency area, specifying the mode of transportation used to force-evacuate citizens (Current law allows for compelled evacuation but does not specify that the state may confiscate private vehicles)

Compulsory evacuation of citizens from their homes during quarantine into a state-designated quarantine area

Indefinite incremental extensions of the order: termination of the order would require a joint resolution from the House and Senate


  1. You have seen a lot of tyrannical power grabs from local and state governments. SCOTUS has given too much leeway for “emergency” situations and this will come to a head.

    Any opportunity for a power grab by those who feel they are our betters

  2. This is just the beginning.
    Those who make peaceful change impossible make violent change inevitable.
    It’s going to get ugly soon.

  3. We just don’t have the depth of political good-will to manage this kind of crisis.

    Governments have managed plagues with things like quarantines and evacuations since at least medieval times. But where people no longer trust their neighbors to treat them fairly, that’s no longer an option, so we get chaos, one way or another.


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