Save The Last One For Yourself


In most of the world, or the parts of it always in some for of conflict, there is no such thing as rules or humanity. Being taken alive is not an option unless the idea of a long slow death by torture, and rape or both at the same time. All later shown in 1080p online for the world to see you ignoble end.

“Save the last one for yourself”. The reality is that self deletion to avoid capture is a common practice. The pictures above show various fighters in the middle east, Africa and the Philippines. People battling ISIS or other Islamic kooks and the always popular tribal warlods or various types.

To facilitate this last act of some one who id adamant to control their own fate at least somewhat, you can see one last round attached to the barrel of these rifles. Pulled from a disintegrating link of a belt of ammo, they have used the link to clamp one last mercy round to the barrel. Worst case scenario.



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