“if something happens I’m coming to your house”


If you are anything like me you have heard some version of this before. I am hearing it a lot more over the last week-ish and especially last night. I got texts all evening saying some version of this phrase. My lifestyle suddenly isn’t as silly as it used to be to certain people and relatives.

It’s amazing to see how people react when it dawns on them “something” really can happen and even worse, they might be seeing the beginning of that “something” as it’s actually happening.

Joke is on them though. I have never once suggested that I’m a leader of the community, a hero, the nanny state government, or any kind of good person who would never put a 556 round in their face if they think they are all going to come running to my home to “get one of your guns” for their protection. Just saying…

For some reason they assume they are on some list of approved people that I would give up vital items for them. I guess cause they think they know me. The fact that they would say this to me proves they don’t know me much at all. The only people I would trust in case of total breakdown are my friends who already have everything they need.

Of course one all this passes and things more or less go back to normal. Or as normal as things can be in these strange days, they will go back to living like nothing bad will ever happen.



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