Head shot Didn’t Work


That would hurt.

I read some where or other that this round had passed through some other barrier before hitting him. Either way it is not unheard of for all manner of pistol rounds to impact a human head and not get the desired result. Movies and video games and just what seems like common knowledge makes most people assume that any shot to the head is a show stopper. It’s not always. Now how much fight this guy would have had in him after taking that round is anyone’s guess. The level of anger, booze, drugs or desperation would determine if he still carried on the fight assuming it didn’t knock him out.

As we have all heard a million times, shoot them until they know they are dead.


  1. While it is absolutely amazing what damage the human body can soak up, there’s a flip side to this: People die from some incredibly trivial causes.

    Friend of mine was with me in Korea, and got “that call” from home: His younger brother was dead. When he got back to us, of course every morbid bastard in the unit, which was all of us, wanted to know what happened. What killed the kid? Him and his buddies playing “one-pump” BB-gun wars, exactly the way his older brother did, and which they’d all copied. For whatever reason, and I don’t know if there were underlying neurological issues, a single “golden BB” went in this kid’s temple and he dropped stone dead right where he was shot. The responding EMTs didn’t even spot the wound, and if they hadn’t done a full autopsy at the family’s request, they’d have never known. The kids, of course, had policed up all the BB guns before telling anyone…

    A lot of the time, it’s down to will and mentality. You think a bullet is going to automatically kill you, and it will–I know a former cop who had a guy literally die in his arms because the foolish little dude had convinced himself that being shot was a death sentence, and when he got shot in the arm by a .22 during a robbery attempt, he totally freaked out and went into shock, convinced he was going to die from a flesh wound that didn’t even hit a bone or an artery. Nothing the cop or the EMTs on site could say would convince him otherwise, and before he even got loaded onto the gurney it was all over with. Autopsy showed there was nothing there that should have killed him, other than signs of stress.

    So, yeah… Shoot to stop, not to hit once and evaluate. Also, do be aware that there are people out there who you can accidentally and unintentionally kill via some really ridiculous means. I knew a guy whose mother was convince that she should have been charged and tried for murder, because when she dropped a flowerpot off the balcony, the woman it landed next to had a heart attack and died. When I say “next to…”, I have to point out that the “victim” wasn’t even on the patio at the time, she was inside eating breakfast at her table when the flowerpot hit from two floors up…

    • Dad told a story from when he was in Vietnam. A guy was running to cover while mortars were dropped on them, one went off between his legs and all it did was dent one of his dog tags. another guy they found dead. he said all the could see wrong with him was a tiny little red spot of blood by one nipple

  2. One of my buddies was a retired LEO and always told the story of his first homicide call. Domestic disturbance. They rolled up and found a dude standing on the sidewalk. He was laughing with them about how it was a good thing he didn’t teach his old lady to shoot because she cranked off a few rounds of 22 short as he ran out of the house. Got woozy and dropped DRT. Turns out she caught him right in the armpit and the autopsy found the bullet right against his heart. Didn’t know he was shot, only a few drops of blood.


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