HAW! Panic Buyers!



  1. At one point this morning, BulkAmmo had zero 9mm and two 5.56 types in stock. I don’t remember it getting this bad in the past panics.

  2. I believe in free enterprise,still,what a dick!I remember when .22 scarce,could have bought the last 4 500 round bricks,felt one was enough and guy behind me felt the same,he only bought one,always hoped the last 2 went to folks with same attitude.I have also in shortage times been passed on a case of 5.56 from customer in front who had 3,said he wanted the more folks armed,the better!I luckily learned long ago and thus do not have to do last minute runs and friend who is in tough financial position due to family ect. I always said would cover,and,already have.


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