Anti-gun Walmart Now Suspending Ammo Purchase?


As you can imagine a LOT of rumor mill has popped up around this picture. It would be interesting to know the details on this. Supposedly, Walmarts in some areas are not selling anymore ammo due to the current black plague and the high demand on ammo and guns that is now hitting. I don’t buy ammo at walmart and my recommend is for no one to buy ammo at any walmart anyway.


  1. Heard something along the lines of “the face of evil is the face of total need.” Not a fan of evil people wanting my toilet paper stash.

  2. I just assumed it was “break glass in case of” thing.
    I did notice that they changed the types of locks last year to a more difficult one.

  3. This was not true, at least in Michigan. I rushed from the bar (shutdown at 3:00 PM here) to Walmart and ended up being able to buy from “behind the glass.”

  4. California Walmart had to suspend due to the rush to buy ammo crashed the State ammo background check system. Check thegunfeed, I think there is a link to the story there.


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