Duncan Lemp


In the early morning hours yesterday, this happened.

A Maryland man fatally shot by police was asleep in his bed when cops opened fire, a lawyer for his family contends.

Montgomery County police officers have said they shot Duncan Socrates Lemp only after he “confronted” them. But Rene Sandler, who is representing Lemp’s relatives calls the police account “completely contrary” to eyewitness reports. Lemp’s girlfriend was injured.

“The facts as I understand them from eyewitnesses are incredibly concerning,” Sandler said.

Police went to Lemp’s home to conduct a “high risk” search after being tipped off that Lemp had several illegal firearms. Three rifles and two handguns were ultimately recovered.

“We believe that the body camera footage and other forensic evidence from this event will support what Duncan’s family already knows, that he was murdered,” Sandler said.

In a statement, police department officials said prosecutors from nearby Howard County reviewing the “facts and circumstances of the encounter.”

“An established agreement…stipulates that when an officer-involved shooting involving injury or death occurs in one county, the other county’s State’s Attorney’s Office will review the event,” they said.”- NY Post

Maryland basically sent the King’s men to execute Duncan. Despite their claims, he had no criminal record that anyone can find. He didn’t do anything other than own some guns that the sate of Maryland didn’t like, and he posted boogaloo memes on his instagram and FB accounts.

This kid was 21 years old. He had no priors. no criminal record. The swat team didnt enter the house. The lawyer going after the judge who issued the red flag warrant exposed that they shot him though his window while he was sleeping with his GF next to him. She had to watch him die. And like always the body cam footage has been lost.


    • As far as I can tell, Lon Horiuchi is still on the opposite side of the thin blue line from me.

      If cops did a better job of policing themselves, I’d be a lot more willing to grant them stuff like qualified immunity.

      But Lon Horiuchi is still a free man, somehow.

  1. Capital punishment in Maryland. Capital punishment was abolished on May 2, 2013 in the U.S. state of Maryland. The death penalty has been in use in the state or, more precisely, its predecessor colony since June 20, 1638, when two men were hanged for piracy in St. Mary’s County.

    Someone should send Montgomery County police the memo.

    • I think we’re going to come to a point where the majority of the population comes to a conclusion that it is well past the time to strip the police, prosecutors, and courts of any “qualified immunity” protections at all, and hold all these creatures of the state financially and criminally liable for their transgressions.

      As I understand it, the whole idea of “qualified immunity” is one of those things the courts came up with, in the first place, and is entirely contradictory to the spirit and writ of the Constitution. Like several other things these tyrants in black have come up with…

      The way I see it, we’re edging up to the point where someone is likely to say or do the wrong damn thing, and there’s going to be another Lexington and Concord moment. Right up until the idiot British authorities chose the course of action that culminated at that armory, the majority of Americans were good subjects of the Crown, merely dissident on taxes and the right to representation in Parliament. After that moment, they were no longer subjects, but citizens of the nascent United States.

      There are a lot of folks in our government who should have paid a lot more attention to their history classes, and grasped the reality of things, rather than what they wanted to believe. There are factions in this country who don’t have a hell of a lot more “give” to them, and I don’t think it’s going to be very long before we see some serious problems with law enforcement.

      It’s like I tell my cop friends–You’re not going to see it coming. One day, it’ll be business as usual. The next, you’re going to get up to go into work, and there will be overturned and burning cop cars with the cops still trapped in them, with the locals dancing around the fires while they burn. And, that won’t be in any ghetto areas, either–It’ll be in all the neighborhoods, even the “safe” well-off “nice” ones. Things like this turn on a dime, which we’ve just seen: Two weeks ago, nobody was really paying attention. Today, they’ve stripped the stores of just about everything. What you should take from that is that once the preference cascade takes place, it’s too damn late to do anything about it.

      • As I understand it, the idea of “qualified immunity” was pretty much created out of whole cloth by the SCOTUS in Harlow v. Fitzgerald in 1982:


        Since then, the SCOTUS (and circuit courts) have expanded and expanded this “qualified immunity” until the point where it seems that law enforcement can be immune from the most outrageous violations of a citizen’s rights.

        This is a formula for unpleasantness, and as you point out, not just from the sportier neighborhoods.

        • QI is pretty standard bureaucratic butt-covering. The guy at the bottom gets to say, “I was just following my training.” The politicians get to say, “We don’t set the standards for police training.”

          So where is the part where the people in the middle who do actually set training standards and curricula are held to account? The guys in the middle who tell cops what to do?

          I watched the video of Mitch Brailsford executing Daniel a Shaver. IMHO, the guy who should have been on trial for murder was the sergeant who was screaming impossible-to-follow orders at Shaver. Though Brailsford certainly should have been called to account too.

          Frankly, I think that we as a society ought to have a much higher tolerance for cops beating people up, and a much lower tolerance for cops killing people. I think our lower tolerance for cops beating people up has, in part, led to more shooting deaths at the hands of the police.

          • Yeah, well you know what else contributes to that? Society’s idea that a little-bitty four-foot-nothing chick can be a cop, ‘cos reasons.

            The problem that comes with that, and which nobody discusses is that lil ol’ Officer Judy Hopps doesn’t have the mass to beat anyone’s ass, so she has to go to her sidearm right off the bat. Side effect from that is simple: Every damn cop on the force now has to follow the same use-of-force policies as Officer Hopps, ‘cos even though they’re water buffalo or wolves, they have to follow the same rules. So, if Officer Hopps is OK to shoot someone’s ass for what Chief Bogo would have delivered a solid stomping for… Then, everyone has to go to the same methodology.

            Which is why “beat-downs” have been replaced by “shoot until it doesn’t move”.

            Ya got what you asked for, America. There were reasons they used to mandate cops be over six feet tall and 180lbs. Then, some bright lights decided that muscle, mass, and size were not necessary tools for police officers to have, and here we are. Unintentional second- and third-order effects, folks.

            I honestly can’t blame the cops for a lot of this aspect of it all. The whole idea that you’re going to have itty-bitty chickies doing the work of grown-ass men is what’s behind a lot of this excessive deadly force, because if you’re going to authorize it for the girls, you have to do the same for the boys.

          • Oh, I’m with you 1000% on lady cops. While there are certainly law enforcement jobs that women should do, patrolman isn’t one of them. Lady cops are one of a million ways that our society has deviated from reality, and that has consequences.

  2. I can’t wait for discovery on this, to find out the how/why of the “investigation” that preceded this travesty, and the warrant. My best guess, going on what we’ve seen so far, is that this never gets to trial and there’s going to be a huge settlement.

    Which, by rights, ought to come out of the paychecks and pensions of the involved police officers, not the taxpayers.

  3. I’ve been more worried about getting shot by a cop than a criminal for quite a few years, even when I managed property on the edge of the ‘hood in Oakland.
    Radley Balko’s book “Rise of the warrior cop ” is well worth a read.

  4. This travesty is a “call to arms”. Military and LEOs need to be very clear in expressing what side of this they are on. Do we wait till they come for us? Or do we stand up and form the line now? Communism is at our heals like never before and those in favor of it are following very specific rules to get their way. I hate that this has brought us to the razor’s edge of another civil war, but it has done just that. Let us first offer a hand to the families of this young man and his girlfriend… then let us stand toe to toe with those who did and allowed this to happen. Let them answer for their actions.

    • this doesnt have anything to do with a political ideaology. Communism is not at our heels, I’m not sure how you would even arrive at that conclusion.

      there are already comments above that have touched on the cause of these problems with LEO. I would add this: American society is at a place where being an LEO is more difficult than it was 50 years ago. We need to update the psychological screening to adjust. and- In many of these police videos, I see evidence of piss poor training. No excuse for that.
      A more daunting issue is what is happening to the population. The wealthy financiers who control congress, also use the media to turn people into resource citizens. The powerful harvest wealth from the population like beans from the field. Theyve created such political division, there is talk of civil war. Both sides are of the same beast though. The subservience that is woven into our culture has contributed to LEO’s, county prosecutors… Congress.. having the impunity to break laws, lie, steal, and do whatever they like. Because they know half the population will come to their defense.

      It is going to get worse before it gets better. Do what you can to minimize the systems impact on you and yours. Stay prepared, and always do the right thing. The people of the US will prevail, and we will drag our misguided neighbors along, kicking and screaming, or sealed in a bag.

      Condolences to thisyoung man’s family.

  5. Scuttlebutt is that he was an up-and-comer in the boogaloo/threeper/Virginia protester scene and made that known on faceberg. Well, we all know what type of person the System likes to dramatically kill (hint: it’s not Maoists or Torah Scholars). Anyway justice will never be served and even if his killers do time they’ll just be replaced with more discreet killers.

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