Covid-19 Weekend Update 3/14/2020

  • Spanish impose 15-day lockdown effective immediately
  • President Trump tests negative Media hardest hit.
  • Spanish first lady test positive
  • France announces national lockdown no more wine and cheese
  • Mayor of Teaneck NJ asks residents to self-quarantine
  • NYC confirms 1st coronavirus death
  • Trump says he was tested for Covid-19, White House expands travel ban to UK and Ireland
  • US death toll hits 51
  • Louisiana declares first death
  • Mississippi becomes 32nd state to declare emergency
  • Newly diagnosed cases jumped by +3,000 in Italy
  • Latin American states follow US with travel bans of their own. they must be racist
  • 10 US service members test positive
  • 2nd presumptive case confirmed in Stratford, Conn.
  • UAE suspends tourism industry
  • De Blasio refuses to close schools. solid move ..
  • ireland reports 2nd death
  • North Carolina becomes latest state to close schools for 2 weeks; more than a dozen states have done so
  • India case total hits 84
  • White House virus task force delivers update
  • Switzerland total climbs to 1,359
  • Airlines cancel flights to Spain
  • South Carolina issues emergency medical licenses for out-of-state practitioners
  • Dallas municipal court suspends jury duty
  • Chile quarantines 2 cruise ships, Bahamas refuses ship entry
  • Seattle halts evictions
  • Apple closes stores outside Greater China
  • Washington State re-takes lead in US case total
  • Gaming Commission shuts down Mass. casinos
  • 1 man dies in New Jersey


  1. Martial Law seems likely due to the response to Covid-19 being planned by the DoD and “Intelligence” agencies.
    It’s going to get ugly.

  2. Well,not sure what is worse,the virus or the reactions,especially from govt.

    I feel we may(more then likely)lose the net,if so,best of luck to all of us and hopefully see you all on the other side.

  3. Contrary to media panic and socialists agendas, the US is actually better positioned on this issue than many other countries, especially European countries.

    We have more critical care hospital beds per capita than most other countries – even if we have fewer total hospital beds per capita than some other countries. When this disease becomes a real issue for a patient, they often end up in the ICU.

    • Losing medical staff to the disease is a major issue, largely due to a lack of PPE and the fact that people who set protocols for this stuff still seem to be standing around on their neckties. Beds don’t do you any good without the staff to work them.

    • On that note, I saw that much of the UK coverage focused on the impact that Brexit might have on COVID-19s spread… Hopefully journalists are particularly susceptible to it?

  4. I’m telling you… This crap has been here, and is already endemic. I’ll lay long odds on that assertion. What we’re seeing is the result of media feeding frenzy and finally getting a damn test for it.

    I’m not the only one who thinks so, either:

    What I think started killing people was it getting into the right setting, and maybe a mutation or two in the virus. Before that, the deaths would have vanished into the background noise.

    I know I got exposed to something, back in early January, and the family has been fighting it off for the last two months. Symptoms match, and since this is a tourist town with heavy winter influx from Asia… Yeah.

    • I half think that I’ve already had it, in the last week. Odd sickness, fever and ache without much in the way of other symptoms.


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