222 Remington Colt AR15


Did you know Colt made a few variants of the AR15 in the .222 Remington round?

Mainly export models usually to get around odd laws about “military calibers”

There are versions in the SP1 configuration, the SPII versions with a mix of A1 and A2 parts and in rifles that are more or less “A2″s.

The above 22 rifle shipped with the Colt 3x or 4X scope.


  1. The .222 Remington was the hot lick in benchrest cartridges until the 6mmPPC came along in the 70’s. It was used by lots of people in accuracy competitions at 100 to 300 yards quite effectively.

  2. If I’m not mistaken Olympic used to make 222 as well. Back in the 80/90s Colt and Oly were the only AR15 brands available here in Europe.. or at least here in Italy.
    Beretta, Famas, Sig and Steyr all made a 222 version of their MSR


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