Wilson Combat Vickers Duty 1911 Magazines


I bought a few more of the Wilson Combat Vickers 1911 mags a couple of weeks ago. I love Wilson Combat magazines and the Vickers mags are even nicer.

You may recall I reviewed them about a year ago and loved them. The time between then and now has just made me like them even more. These really are the cream of the crop for 1911 mags. The price is… still not attractive at close to 60 bucks in some places but when you can catch them sold on a little discount I would snatch a couple up. I liked them so much I bought two more. No doubt I will get more. I’ve spent the morning putting a few hundred rounds through the two new ones in 2 different guns to make sure everything is as it should be.

First the Colt Commander which I carry the most in the summer.

And the full sized railed Colt gov model I use for training and winter carry.

It was a good time to shoot up my carry ammo and replace with new ammo of the same make. The Barnes solid copper hollow points 185gr +P loads and the Corbon load which is exactly the same thing are what I use

I know they are pricey but they are worth it.


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