Mr Gunsngear Gets Schooled



  1. I just fired off six rounds into the office floor to help beef up my credibility as a marksman and firearms handler. I don’t want a safety mentality building up any mental blocks that might prevent unintentionally shooting something.

    • I would like to have lived my entire gun toting and shooting life and never had a ND. Sadly, I’ve had one and used that as a learning experience to avoid the situation again. This guy above, Jack Meoff, whoever he is lacks knowledge and personally I’d never go shooting with a guy with an attitude like that.

  2. I try and shoot myself at least a couple of times a year, just to toughen up.
    I don’t want to get soft and lose my edge.

  3. A negligent discharge means you really do not understand gun safety. It means you forgot one of the rules, “all guns are loaded”. Not only do I KNOW my guns are loaded, I double check before picking them up. Some are empty even with a magazine inserted, but then I know it isn’t loaded after ejecting the magazine and cycling the action. In 11 years I have NEVER had a “negligent discharge” and I do a lot of shooting in my backyard range.
    P.S. It was in 2009 I bought my first rifle (Gee, right after obama took Office) and in 2011 I bought my first handgun. Before that I had a family to support and guns were not in the budget.


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