Covid-19 Updates 3/12/2020


Here is your daily NUTGRAF of the Covid-19 numbers and news.

Reuters reports China starting to float the accusation that the USA dropped Covid-19 on them.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian wrote on his Twitter account on Thursday that the U.S. military might have brought the coronavirus to the Chinese city of Wuhan, which has been hardest hit by the outbreak.

“When did patient zero begin in US? How many people are infected? What are the names of the hospitals? It might be US army who brought the epidemic to Wuhan. Be transparent! Make public your data! US owe us an explanation!” Zhao tweeted in English.

Cuomo closes Broadway, bans all events in NY with over 500 ppl, reduces venue max capacity by 50% . Police stand ready to arrest the virus. NJ cutting off nightclub liquor sales after 10pm

Italian Death Toll Passes 1,000, Mortality Rate Hits 6.7%

Ohio shuts down Schools for 3 weeks. No gatherings of more than 100 people allowed. Poltical rallies cancelled.

UK reports 2 more deaths

Trudeau and wife to self-quarantine after wife reports flu-like symptoms. No one in Snowmexico cares.

France death toll climbs to 61 .Spain death toll climbs to 86.

Ohio bans gatherings with more than 100 ppl after confirming 5th case PA. Gov. Tom Wolf shuts down much of Montgomery County. 2nd Utah Jazz player tests positive

Slovakia closes all borders, international airports Deaths in Italy above 1,000

NHL “pauses” play MLB will delay start to 2020 season by 2 weeks

Dr. Fauci says test shortage is major government ‘failing’ Rick Scott 2nd Senator to self-quarantine over virus . Senate cancels recess, will stay open next week

Trump says we may need to extend travel ban. EU officials condemned Trump’s travel ban as if anyone cares about what the EU thinks. Trump says ‘markets are going to be fine’ in the same tone a battlefield medic tells you how you’re gonna be fine after getting blown in half.

Olympic torch lit in front of just 100 spectators

Passenger on JetBlue flight from NY to FLA tests positive for virus

Spanish cabinet being tested for coronavirus

Scandinavia begins shuttering schools.

Iran reaches out to 3 million Iranians who may have been infected

Global deaths pass 4,600

I will skip the financial news to spare anyone with stocks from more torture.

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Italian officials said earlier allowed Italian citizens to defer mortgage payments due to the outbreak. Macron told citizens that the government would delay a March tax deadline to put more money in the hands of citizens.

the CDC announced Thursday that it has tested 11,000 “specimens”, which doesn’t mean 11,000 people, as most people are tested at least twice. But CNBC also noted that “drive thru testing” in at least one state. In Minnesota, the Mayo Clinic in Rochester has launched “drive thru” testing allowing patients to drop off samples after a phone conversation with a doctor. Patients must be directed by a doctor before their sample will be accepted and tested.

Read part of the clinic’s statement below:

Mayo Clinic is conducting a drive-through process in Rochester to collect COVID-19 specimens for testing. Transmission of the coronavirus is increasing nationwide, and other institutions have successfully used the drive-through approach.

Patients who meet criteria for testing are directed to the location. Mayo Clinic staff collect the specimens, using appropriate precautions, and send them to the Minnesota Department of Health for analysis. This process reduces the need for other critically constrained resources.

Patients are required to have a phone screening first to determine if testing is appropriate. If approved, patients then will be directed to the drive-through location. There is no additional charge for the drive-through service.


  1. The US needs to stop internal air travel now. As long as you have people jetting around your going to spread it faster, to more people.

    • no shizz man. its surreal. in an effort to keep people from panicking they are gonna keep stuff open and end up spreading it worse than it already is

      • That’s exactly what happened over here in Italy. I understand the Govt job is not easy.. keeping people calm and control the virus at the same time must be a nightmare.. but if something has to be done it has to be done quickly. Try to learn by our mistakes.

        On the mortality rate over here.. i guess it’s pretty high due to our average citizens age. Hope you’ll be able to manage the situation differently.


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