COVID-19 Update


I didn’t do an update last night and planned to do a Mon-Wed-Friday update. Today had some big news though so I am doing it early.

  • WHO declares Covid-19 is a pandemic, say goodbye to your 401ks
  • Congressional doctor says up to 1/3 of Americas will be infected
  • First death in Indonesia
  • Washington State to ban events over 200
  • ‘Waffle House’ employee in Atlanta confirmed. there is a joke in there I’m not gonna make.
  • Chicago cancels St. Paddy’s Day parade, drunks mourn the old Irish way
  • NY sends in National Guard, that will make it better.
  • IADB cancels meeting in Colombia as virus spreads across Latin America
  • Mnuchin says first part of virus stimulus plan will be ready in 2 days read as tax payer funded bailouts.
  • Dr. Fauci warns virus 10x more deadly than flu and could infect millions if not handled early. sounds familiar
  • FEMA evacuates Atlanta office over coronavirus scare. Atlanta should be abandoned for many reasons
  • 3 Boeing workers test positive.
  • Washington DC advises cancellation or postponement of all gatherings with more than 1,000 people. for once DC has good advice
  • Harvard to prorate room and board for students
  • US cases surpass 1,000
  • UK Health Minister catches virus cue the Curb Your Enthusiasm theme
  • Ireland, Bulgaria, Sweden report first deaths. Sweden lets it infect white women to prove how non-racist they are.
  • Connecticut declares state of emergency
  • UK total hits 456 following largest daily jump on record (83 new cases) UK demands COVID19 have a loiscense to infect, mate
  • Global cases pass 120,000
  • South Korea reports new outbreak in call center
  • Japan reportedly planning to declare state of emergency


  1. The US will see a larger infection than 1/3. Our government is doing nothing other than lip service and trying to prop up tge stock market. But hey….it is just the flu. Dumbasses.

  2. Boston also cancels St Paddy day,tis big deal there tourist wise(also drunks!).

    On a side note,do ya’s think Joe meant M-14 instead or AR-14?!

    • Who knows? I doubt he knows there is any such thing as an M14 though
      but now that I think about it, joe is dumb enough to be an M14 owner
      I keed I keed


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