Brownells Is Getting Ahead Of Itself



  1. I remember it well – the failure of Screaming Fist, Colonel Corto’s testimony… It all seems like yesterday that Bonn was nuked.

    I wonder what happened to that Corto guy?

  2. Early release April Fools Day thing? Maybe?

    The one that’d be interesting would be the retro Twilight 2000 small arms suite… Y’know, the WWIII that never happened? Team Yankee?

    I still suffer a vestigial longing for that era, the one before I was in charge of anyone else in the Army–Back when war would have been a “Let’s see what we’ve got…” sort of thing, and the only person I had to worry about was little ol’ me. Day I pinned on Corporal, and then looked to my left down the rank? Yeah; all that childish desire to go to war just drained out the strainers on my jungle boots. It’s one thing when it’s an adventure you’re going on by your lonesome self with your buddies along as company, and another entirely when you suddenly get the sinking realization that it’s your job to keep the lot of you alive, and still get the mission done.

    There’s a reason that the military doesn’t like you to be the sort of person who sees the implications of things…


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