Biden Visit Auto Plant, Gets Asked About Gun Control. Acts Like Joe Biden.


I’m curious. How would you react if uncle joe acted like that in your face?


  1. I can’t imagine a situation where I would be that close to a Democratic Party politician. Not willingly, anyway…

    Hell, I’m queasy enough at the thought of being that close to a Republican. I’ve developed a visceral distaste for the entire squalid breed. I honestly don’t think I could stand to be in close proximity to any of them, their aides, or their staffers. The entire lot of them are just disgusting human beings, top to bottom–If you’re “involved” in politics these days, you’re morally compromised from the root up. None of them are worth the rope to hang them with, TBH. And, that’s where the majority of them ought to be–Dangling from a hemp rope underneath the Tree of Liberty. Day is coming where we’re either going to have to steel ourselves to do what’s necessary, or walk under the yoke.

  2. Creepy Joe’s campaign is elder abuse.

    This is the second election cycle in a row that the DNC has rigged their primary to put forward a physically unfit candidate for President.

    With all we’ve learned in the last four years, it’s clear that the federal bureaucracy would prefer a cardboard cutout in the Oval Office to an actual human being, and I wonder if the DNC is trying to comply.

  3. I’d call Social Services, Biden is clearly suffering from Dementia and as noted above this does qualify as elder abuse.
    Even a vile, viciously corrupt corporate whore like Biden deserves to be treated with compassion.
    Lock him a padded room with some dolls and let him live out his life in peace.


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