The Model 70 Classic Sporter


After years of selling the post 64 push feed action Model 70 Winchester caved to buyer demand and brought back a version of the Pre 64 controlled round feed action and called it the “classic”. With the new action they also brought out a new stock design with it. The stock was not a “California style” nightmare that was so popular at the time, but something understated. Less is more was the thinking. It was also properly designed to use optics rather than iron sights. The gun and stock was an instant hit.

The gun pictures was made in 1999-2000 and is one of the classic sporters. In 30-06 with a walnut stock and the pre-64 style action with claw extractor. It has seen a lot of use over the last 20 ish years hunting deer.

You can see that Winchster ( USRAC) did their best to get it right when they brought these back out.

Unlike Remington BDL Custom Deluxe rifles of the same time, the Classic Sporter has great lines and does not have the California style abomination stock. Understated and as elegant as a mass produced gun maker could get at the time. And it is pretty nice.

The optic is one of the Redfields made in the first year after Leupold bought the company. It is basically a VX-1 with the Redfield name on it.

The gun belongs to a good friend. He bought it from me when I worked at a gun store at the time. Unlike most gun counter morons I set him up right. I have no idea why he likes to use such high rings though. I mounted the bases, rings and optic for him and adjusted the trigger to a nice 3 pounds. One of the best parts of the Model 70s are their easy to adjust excellent triggers.


  1. Thanks for sharing, it’s a really nice rifle. You’re a good friend to have set him up like that. My M70 is a USRAC FWT push feed in 7x57mm. I bought it about 1981 thru a friend with an FFL for $304.05. I still have the Redfield Widefield 1 ¾ – 5 mounted to it using a Redfield one-piece base & low rings. If this Kung Flu shutdown ends I’ve got to get out & check the zero & get back into loading for it. Maybe even get back “Up North” for deer season this year.


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