Lazer Pistol For Zapping Your Friends


Here is a gun that should be familiar with anyone who was alive in the 1980s. Man that was a big thing at the time. There was a lazer tag place the popped up in my little area of the country believe it or not. it didn’t last long because the owners didn’t make it very elaborate inside.

If you don’t recall or you are too young, the idea was you put on these censors and they handed you a lazer gun and you went into a dark maze and entered into a sort of CQB with some one who was trying to zap you.

You aimed at the censor you can see on the center of this snazzy combat vest. If you got “hit” it let you know. Not as fun as it sounds. Sort of MILES gear without the fun of full auto blanks.

I saw one of the pistols seen above on ebay for 7 bucks. I’m tempted to buy it. Not only was there the pistol, there was a carbine that looked similar.

I *think* maybe a version of this game still exists. But thinking gets me into trouble all the time. I haven’t bothered to look it up. We are talking about my beloved 1980s here and I don’t want to be interrupted.

I recall there was knock off of this system that used to Berretta 92 pistols as the “weapon.” Let me tell you, it was a dead ringer or the real thing. There is no way in hell they would ever let something so realistic looking out on the market now. I had one and recall it even fit in a US issue holster perfectly. It was that good of a copy. I better stop now before I go too far down memory lane and bore everyone into tears.


  1. Oh wow, I had this and the next year I got the carbine for Christmas. The rifle was a snazzy, futuristic white deal with a scope even. I think I saw a reference to it when the XM8 was a thing but it was pretty ergonomic if I recall my childhood correctly. It was fun running around the pasture and the barns and such.


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