Coronavirus-19 Update 3/9/2020

  • First 2 Coronavirus deaths recorded in Germany
  • Italy reports 1,797 new cases, bringing total to 9,172 as deaths increase by 27% overnight, to 463. Italy locks down entire country
  • Santa Clara reports second coronavirus death
  • 3 more deaths confirmed in Washington State
  • LA reports first case of community spread
  • De Blasio says NYC quarantine “a possibility” Should have been done years ago for different reasons..
  • WHO’s Dr. Tedros says threat of pandemic has become “very real” Look swho just started paying attention.
  • Confirmed cases near or pass 1,000 in France, Germany and Spain
  • US deaths hit 22
  • Canada reports first death in British Columbia. socialized healthcare didnt save them
  • Germany state of Brandenburg has between 4k and 5k in home quarantine
  • Trump to meet with Wall Street CEOs Wednesday
  • South Korea imposes travel advisory, confirms another 96 cases; 3 new deaths (total: 54)
  • Hungary prudently stops flights to and from Northern Italy
  • PM Johnsons says UK won’t close parliament
  • Trump to hold WH meeting on fiscal stimulus more bailouts at the tax payers expense no doubt
  • Italian PM promises “massive shock therapy” to save economy from coronavirus
  • Amazon asks employees in NY, NJ to work from home
  • Deutsche Bank cancels 150-year-anniversary celebrations
  • Dozens of flights leave northern Italy despite quarantine, even as airlines cancel routes. wonderful
  • Moody’s says US economy headed for recession-indeed
  • Cuomo confirms 142 new cases in New York State, bringing total confirmed in NYC to 19 citizens still wait hoping he is the next victim
  • NY has started making its own sanitizer
  • Columbia University cancels classes, Princeton moves lectures online
  • 78 new public health labs open across US Monday
  • Spain PM says he will have ’emergency plan’ to tackle outbreak
  • UK confirms another 45 cases
  • Amtrak shutters ‘Acela Corridor’
  • Korean construction worker contracted by US military tests positive
  • Total number of cases jumps above 9,000 while deaths hit 463
  • ‘Grand Princess’ docks in Oakland
  • Another cruise ship disaster might be shaping up in Fla.
  • New cases in South Korea drop as Philippines case total doubles
  • EUCO President says conference call will be held to coordinate EU response
  • Germany and France finmins hold talks to discuss crisis
  • Missouri declares first “presumptive” positive Sunday night; father of patient breaks quarantine
  • Dutch infections climb to 321


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