Mary Carbone

A New Jersey woman beat a 55-year-old man to death with a tape dispenser and shower rod in a home they shared, authorities said.

I‘m wondering if she taped the dispenser to the rod and made some kind of battle hammer.

Mary Carbone, 56, allegedly attacked Frank Stochel, a local high school janitor, last month at a Manchester Township residence that the victim owned with his wife.

His lifeless body was found on Feb. 24 and Carbone was arrested on murder charges Wednesday, the Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office announced Thursday.

“Specially, a tape dispenser and a shower rod were recovered from the scene,” prosecutors said in a statement. “The injuries sustained by Mr. Stochel were consistent with the implementation of these items.”

And the rod and tape were covered in his blood and brain matter. excellent detecting .

Exactly what led to the slaying is unclear. Manchester Township Police responded to the 6th Avenue home after getting a report of an unresponsive male there, prosecutors said. I’m sure we can all make a pretty accurate guess.

“These detectives combed through a ton of forensic evidence to ultimately determine that Ms. Carbone did in fact cause Mr. Stochel’s death,” Ocean County Prosecutor Bradley Billhimer said in a statement.

Though Stochel lived at the home with Carbone, he owned it with his wife, Cindy, according to property records cited by the Asbury Park Press. At the time of his death, he had been facing charges of burglary, harassment and making terroristic threats following an arrest last October, the paper reported.

Trash took out the trash?

In addition to murder, Carbone was charged with two counts of possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose and two counts of unlawful possession of a weapon. She was taken to the Ocean County Jail, where she remains pending a detention hearing, Billhimer said.

Weapons were listed as a stapler and a fly swatter. In the hands of an expert melee fighter like Carbine, everything is a murder weapon if you’re creative enough.



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