Now You Can Shoot Your Carcano


Some one on facebook asked me why I haven’t said anything about the new 6.5 Carcano ammo. Well that’s because I didn’t know about it until he told me. Hey, no one is perfect.

Steinel has come out with some new ammo for ‘ol Lee Harvey’s favorite sniper rifle. And its “only” $32 yankee dollars a box per 20.

This 6.5 Carcano load offers superior accuracy due to its bullet diameter of .267″ and our typical load development and quality control procedures.  This cartridge was originally loaded with .2668″ round nose, flat base bullets- and that’s what our load offers.  While velocity is lower than the original, this load enables you to appreciate your rifle’s potential for accuracy.

  • 160 grain jacketed RN
  • New brass
  • Non-corrosive, premium powder and primers
  • 1,770 FPS from 18″ Cavalry Carbine barrels
Range (yds)Velocity (fps)Energy (ft-lbs)Trajectory (in)
                      –       1,770       1,113          (1.5)
                     50       1,645          961           0.9
                    100       1,528          830             –
                    150       1,420          716          (4.6)
                    200       1,321          620        (13.5)
                    250       1,233          540        (27.4)
                    300       1,158          477        (47.0)


  1. Hornady made a load for a bit and I think still offer bullets in the correct diameter.

    Carcano are under rated rifles

  2. Oddly enough we were talking about Carcanos and JFK after todays match.

    I love 6.5 mm. I took my Swede out for a run yesterday and put 3 rounds into a 20mm group at 100m. I was very pleased.

  3. Jokes aside, I love these old rifles and I wish these obsolete chambering were more economical to shoot. The 6.5 Carcano, the .303, the various Mauser chamberings: All really expensive.


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