Moron Live Streamer Desk Pop


Watch this real big brained genius negligently discharge his gun while live streaming. From what I have heard that’s the end of his professional video game playing career.


  1. #1 ALWAYS keep the muzzle in a safe direction!
    which is important in case you screw up making your “rifle” safe
    “Mag out, bolt back, safety on, chamber flag in, rifle grounded, no one touching the rifle!” if you’re at Appleseed.

    Same mistake that undercover drug cop made while telling the class “I’m the only one here professional enough to handle this Glock”. Gotta take that mag out…

  2. Tom,perhaps that sound advice(which I practice)is all part of #1.I literally if mag equipped put my fingers in mag well to make sure there is no mag,even though I just released said mag.I lock back slide/bolt/lever and look and feel for no round in firearm after running the action a few times to clear any rounds after mag clearing.I have had folks say I am a bit paranoid but ,well…..,I am and thus want to do any thing to avoid this kind of idiocy.While I hope to never have a firearm accident if I do want it to be the very rare/actual mechanical failure.


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