Feel Good Friday


This old fella is still putting them down. I kinda feel bad for the Elk. Being wasted by an ancient guy? That has to be embarrassing.

Photo by Rod Blossom.

THORP, Wash. – Gordon Blossom is not the average hunter.

“I always say I’m growing old. Now I change that. I am old,” Gordon says.

He’s nearly 104 years old, and he’s been hunting for almost a century.

He tells Action News he loves the outdoors.

“I think I was ten years old when my folks bought me a 22 single shot.”

He says the shells for the gun cost about 15 cents at the time.

“In those days a dime would get you a pretty good meal,” Gordon says.

His parents made him work for the money.

“I think it was five rabbits that I had to get with each box of shells before they’d give me the 15 cents to get another box.”

Ever since then, Gordon has been hunting and achieving the goals he sets for himself.

He has shot three elk in the last four years.

“I just love to hunt,” he says.

When asked why he loves it so much, he says “it seems like every time you go there’s something unexpected and it makes you feel good.”

Gordon says he loves life and looks forward to each day.

“It’s just nice to be alive.”

He says the secret to living a long life is having good friends.

“Make friends and have friends and once you get a friend keep him.”

Link to story. No need to click it since I already excerpted all of it for you .



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