Winchester Model 72 Accuracy Testing


Today I settled down and started doing some accuracy testing on the Winchester Model 72 I recently acquired. You can read more about it from the original article A Boy And His Rifle Part V

The Winchester Model 72 ( A Boy And His Rifle Part V)

I used three loads, some old Federal Gold Medal ammo, the kind with the dimpled case head, some Eley match and some federal high velocity small game ammo.

Eley on left, Federal hunting ammo center and Federal gold medal ammo on the right

Yes it surprised me that the hunting high velocity ammo did best. As a rule of thumb a .22rimfire almost never shoots high velocity ammo more accurate than standard velocity stuff and the higher the humidity outside the more accurate 22 rimfire ammo will be.

Every group was 5 shots from 25 yards on the bench. I really struggled with this today, I need new glasses bad, It’s been 10 years since I have been to the eye doc and got a new pair and the last year has made the reality of my age hit home as far as my eyes go. Glasses always corrected it but decade old pair of specs I’m still using have passed useful service life. To make it worse, the peep sight on the 72 is that odd size that doesn’t do well with my eye. Unfortunately it’s not like a Redfield Olympic where you can swap out the aperture. Things are tough all over I guess.


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