JP Enterprises Law Tactical Silent Captured Springs


Hugo, MN – JP Enterprises is pleased to introduce the Law Tactical series of Silent Captured Springs. This marks the first buffer spring substitution component to be named compatible by Law Tactical for use with their folding adapter.

Through a collaboration with Law Tactical, JP has developed an alternative design for their extremely popular Silent Captured Spring system that is fully compatible with Law’s Gen 3 folding stock adapter. Beyond simple function, the Law Tactical series of buffer springs reaches a previously unmet threshold for durability and safety.

“Law Tactical takes the real-world use of their stock adapter very seriously,” says JP founder and head of product development, John Paul. “While some third-parties have sold adapters to use SCS with the Law adapter, nothing met their demanding function testing regimen until now.”

Both the Silent Captured Spring and original Law Tactical folding adapter debuted in 2012 but previously lacked any true compatibility due to differing designs. Since that time, the Law Tactical folder has risen to become the premier device of its type for ultra-compact storage and transportation for rifles and AR-type pistols. JP Enterprises is pleased to have had the chance to work with an industry innovator and to provide the superior buffering function of the Silent Captured Spring for Law’s signature product.

The Law Tactical series Silent Captured Springs are available for both small-frame (AR-15) and large-frame (AR-10 platforms). Standard configurations will function in most rifles with alternate heavy buffer models optimized for specialty use such as suppressed or short-barreled rifles also available. A conversion kit to reconfigure existing Silent Captured Springs for use with the Law Tactical folder will be available soon.

As with the Law Tactical folding adapter, Brownells has signed on to serve as the premier distributor for Law Tactical series Silent Captured Springs with models available now at

For more information on the Silent Captured Spring System of components, visit For more on the Law Tactical folding stock adapter, visit


  1. That folding stock system seems a very cool/useful little critter.I will say though for 400 will either break upper from lower or just carry as is/cased ect..I could see this could be a good system trying to conceal but have ready for almost immediate use,just personally do not see that a need for me.

    • IMHO, if you need a folding stock for your AR, then you bought the wrong rifle. There are lots of rifles that work great with folding stocks, including being able to fire with the stock folded.

      So many people just want to bang square pegs into round holes. Figure out what your problem is, then pick a good solution.

      • Concur. This is introducing more failure/breakage points to the party. There are a hundred reasons why a folding stocked rifle is a good idea. If it’s what you need then you really should get something with that designed into it from the beginning.

        In the end I’m not anyone’s moral compass and they’re only accountable to their own bank account for what they buy.

  2. I’m excited for this and glad they got around to releasing a product in house instead workable but third party options.

    As to the above and said with respect: Law folder means my office desk drawer blaster ( O.D.D.B ) can go from hiding to in use much faster than having to slap an upper on a lower and won’t roll or rattle around in there or in my bag to and from the car. It’s just giving me more options for a platform I’m already familiar with and have resources invested in vs having to buy, build, or beg something I don’t have a dragon’s hoard of mags, ammo, and doodads for.

    Different strokes for different folks!


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