COVID -19 Update 3/5/2020

  • 207 cases reported across the US
  • Santa Clara County total hits 20 as 6 new cases confirmed
  • San Francisco mayor reports first 2 cases in the city
  • SF closes a school after a student tests positive
  • First French lawmaker contracts the virus
  • New Jersey Lt. Gov confirms 2nd “presumptive” case
  • 2 more cases confirmed in Texas’s Harris County
  • NYC asks travelers from 5 countries to ‘self-quarantine’
  • Trump refuses to answer questions about testing kit shortage
  • NY state cases double to 22
  • Washington state reports another 20 cases
  • Palestinian territories confirm 7 cases
  • Seattle closes 26 schools
  • Pentagon tracking 12 possible COVID-19 cases
  • 35 passengers aboard ‘Grand Princess’ showing flu-like symptoms
  • Another senior Iranian figure dies
  • Illinois reports 5 more cases
  • NYC reports 2 more cases, raising total to 4
  • Italy postpones referendum vote; death toll hits 148
  • WHO’s Tedros: “Now’s the time to pull out the stops”
  • Tennessee confirms case
  • Nevada confirms first case
  • New Delhi closes primary schools
  • EU officials weigh pushing retired health-care workers back into service to combat virus
  • Italy to ask EU for permission to raise budget deficit as lawmakers approve €7.5 billion euros
  • Beijing tells residents not to share food
  • 30-year-old Chinese man dies in Wuhan 5 days after hospital discharge
  • Cali authorities tell ‘Grand Princess’ cruise ship not to return to port until everyone is tested
  • Global case total passes 95k
  • Lebanon sees cases double to 31
  • France deaths climb to 7, cases up 138 to 423
  • EY sends 1,500 Madrid employees home after staffer catches virus
  • Trump says he has a “hunch” true virus mortality rate is closer to 1%
  • Switzerland reports 1st death
  • South Africa confirms 1st case
  • UK chief medical officer confirms ‘human-to-human’ infections are happening in UK
  • UK case total hits 115
  • Google, Apple, Netflix cancel events
  • HSBC sends research department and part of London trading floor home
  • Facebook contract infected in Seattle
  • Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Netflix cancel events and/or ask employees to work from home
  • Netherlands cases double to 82
  • Spain cases climb 40, 1 new death
  • Belgium reports 27 new cases bringing total to 50
  • Germany adds 87 cases bringing total to 349


  1. Eh,just a late season cold!

    I did a little more shopping today,and,walked aisles just to see what was low,at moment,seems the stores repacked from the weekend rush as usual.I wonder if things keep getting worse how long that will last.

    I really do not understand how we have between 25-45 thou a year die from flu which is a suck for them and friends/family and yet country moves right along and yet folks getting in a panic over a small amount of deaths.I realize that can change but why do we accept the yearly flu death counts with no real notice,hmmm……

    • because 1 percent of flu cases need intensive care in a hospital, Coronavirus 19 causes 20 percent to need intensive care in a hospital. Even though it hasnt killed as many people its spreads faster than flu and if it gets raging, it will overwhelm the hospitals and there won’t be enough ICU rooms for that 20 percent. So 20percent of the population of NYC gets Covid19 and needs ICU level care, then how deadly will it be? I don’t know but we may find out if they dont get a handle on it

      • I would think if 20% need hospital care the death count would be higher,glad it is not but am surprised.Well,just keep looking in holes in me plans while helping some folks who have decided prepping perhaps not completely nuts,hope to get em better set up then they were.I have folks I have worked with long term and at least initially we do not have room for more or the whole thing would probably go down as far as being as ready as reasonably can.Will keep an eye out and keep up on reports of goods ect. till we decide perhaps time to burrow in.

          • LOL… Like the CDC knows what it’s doing? Your faith in the anointed is touching.

            Here’s a prediction: When all this shakes out, the fact will be that we’ve had the virus here in the US since at least late December, and there’s been a massive outbreak going on underneath our feet since then, out of sight and out of mind, simply because nobody was paying attention to it or testing for it. That 20% rate? That may be real, but the other number simply ain’t–The reality is that there’s already been a huge ongoing pandemic we didn’t even notice until it hit the big-time with noticeable deaths like that nursing home in King County.

            I’m almost seeing the outlines of an information op with all this, to be quite honest. The only thing that keeps me from calling it that is the tremendous dislocation that has gone on in China–I don’t see them taking things this far, just to make life hard for Trump’s re-election.

            Regardless, I don’t think anyone’s got the numbers. If CDC had come out into the communities and done surveys they way they should have been for the last thirty years, and we had some idea what the disease profiles actually were, out in the population…? Yeah, maybe we’d know something. Unfortunately, the CDC is more worried about their “mandate” and their budget, empire-building their little bureaucracy into realms they have no business in, yet are completely unaccountable for. If they screw something up with their little “firearm mortality” studies, who can call them on it? On the other hand, they screw up something like letting a new virus sneak up on us, then they’re gonna take the blame, and that’s something no bureaucrat will ever do. Which is why they haven’t been doing their goddamn jobs–They don’t want to, and the politicians don’t care enough to put their little feetsies into the fire.

            CDC ain’t going to do more than stack the papers up after the briefings, serve coffee, and supervise the post-mortems. Why? Because that’s all they’re really fit for.

      • Bingo. Our hospitals are more-or-less sized for seasonal flu as peak season. Now add Kung Flu on top of seasonal flu. How much spare ICU capacity are we going to have then? And what’s the hospital’s staffing plan for when hospital staff starts calling in sick, either because they got Kung Flu or because they don’t want to work someplace that exposes them to Kung Flu?


    • New Kung Flu rule: Anybody prepping less than me is a fool and anybody prepping more than me is panicking.

      So DON’T PANIC, you guys.


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