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Some one shared these examples of state of the art gunsmithery over on B-arfcom. These classics always bring a laugh. Why is it always old Russian weapons ?


  1. Old Russian guns are cheap, which means that they tend to make good project guns, as well as making owner demographics tend towards young and foolish.

  2. Because then guys like yours truly won’t scream and threaten them for similar misdeeds on good guns.

    I saw a guy absolutely trash a pre-war Model 70 in .220 Swift once. It was heart-breaking. Because I was on a college campus, I could not start screaming obscenities at him…

  3. The fools who trash the pre ’64 Model 70’s and Model 12’s are just making the value of quality of our old
    Winchesters increase. P.T. Barnum was right.


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