HB610 Kentucky Pro-gun Bill


HB 610 will allow a person with a Ky. concealed carry license to carry at all locations in Ky. with the exception of courtroom, court proceeding or building solely occupied by court of Justice Courtroom, detention facilities, police stations, sheriff’s office and bars. No other restrictions will exist. This means carry is allowed on K-12 school property, all local government buildings, airports outside the TSA checkpoints, all public college and university campuses. This will be special authority for holders of a physical Ky. CCDW, only. Constitutional carry will not be aforded the same priviledges and out of state licences will not be eligible for these new authorities. HB 610 is sponsored by Representative Robert Goforth. You can see HB 610 here: https://apps.legislature.ky.gov/record/20rs/hb610.html


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