Coronavirus Wuhan Strain Updates 3/2/2020


The news moves pretty fast with the Covid-19 this time of night as other countries update their numbers until about 800PM EST. I’m going to give US news only tonight, but a lot is happening in every other country as well. it’s just getting to be too much to keep up with.

US death toll climbs to 6; all in WA, which has 18 cases

2 new cases confirmed in Tampa Bay

1st case reported in New Hampshire Santa Clara County confirms 2 more cases, bringing county total to 9

Gottlieb warns US cases likely in ‘low thousands’

Illinois announces 4th case Virus now in 8 US states: Washington, California, Illinois, Rhode Island, New York, Florida, Oregon and New Hampshire

In an interview that will air tonight, Dr. Anthony Fauci of the CDC said the outbreak in the US has “reached outbreak proportions and likely pandemic proportions.

The US death toll is now changing by the minute.

Washington State authorities are now saying six patients have died from the virus (presumably all of them were elderly or sick, as the first patients who died were), and the total number of patients in the state has climbed to 18, with all of the new cases of “unknown origin” as experts warn there could be hundreds, possibly thousands, of infections in the state.


  1. I went on a shopping expedition yesterday after the weekend rushes to wally world/2 supermarkets and a dollar store to fill some empty shelf/pantry spaces ect.The shelves in stores for most part all at least partially full as I bought more rice/beans/tuna/beef stews along with more rubbing alcohol and hydrogen peroxide ect.The one thing I did notice was at dollar store bought the last of ( 4packs of rolls(best price among all stores0 and they had no more in back stockroom(tis OK,usually have always 200 rolls).I will be doing another run later in the week and will check a few stores situations again,use it as a barometer to a degree of how the supply lines doing and public reactions at least here in Northern New England.I do think we will soon see a supply problem in many stores just due to China being shutdown for most part but have yet to see it.I am also making a list of items like windshield wipers ect.,stuff made in China that will need at some point in future,might as well get em while I can.Your shopping experiences may vary.


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