A Very Nice MK III Small Bore Target Rifle


I ran across this in one of the gun groups I belong to. Owner drove 400 miles to get this Unertl Target/ Programmer and mounted it on his BSA MK III small bore match rifle. These are amazing rifle capable of astounding accuracy with proper match rimfire ammo. I once saw Brady use his to put a shot through a life saver hard candy without breaking it at 30 yards. His had an Eric Johnson 5 star barrel on it. I have no idea about the gun pictured.

The weird looking thing on the bottom of mid forearm is for standing offhand shooting. You place it in your left hand palm and it helps with proper offhand technique. In front of it is the hand stop for prone shooting with sling


  1. Scope pictured appears to be a Unertl target scope but not a Programmer 200. You can tell at a distance as a Programmer 200 has three knurled rings on the focusing objective lens. The center ring is for the quick adjusting cam. Went to the Unertl factory in the early ’70’s to get an increasing eyepiece for my 24X Programmer 200 and hoping to get a factory tour. They let me try three or four eyepieces (couldn’t tell any difference) but informed the shop was full of military stuff and under no circumstances could i could see the shop. Wars Suck!

    • Touche’. I’ll be gracious in referring the work elsewhere. 😉

      Truth is, I check that email about once/month.

      • Same with the email I use here too. Jokes aside wish you lived closer. Don’t really trust the “smiths” out here.

        • There are good smiths everywhere – most of whom are over-booked, over-worked, under-paid and as a result, low-key.

          You just need to find “that guy” in your neck of the woods.

  2. Oh, and the weird thing in the middle of the forearm:

    First, on target rifles such as these, there is a rail that is inlet into the forearm. It has a “T-slot” or something similar to allow you to mount an accessory on the forearm, and then adjust it by sliding it fore/aft in the T-slot, and then tighten down a screw or nut to hold the accessory in place.

    The offhand palm/hand rest is used when shooting off-hand, as is the butthook you see on the butt of the rifle. That hook would not be there when shooting from any other position other than standing, off hand. The palm/hand rest is adjusted such that when your (eg) left arm is tucked in to your body so that the elbow can rest on your left hip, the rifle is up on target. If you look carefully at the hand rest above, you can see there is a vertical adjustment to raise/lower the rifle relative to the hand rest. If you look at shooting coats, you see a patch on the left elbow that is a “grippy” rubber compound, and the same compound on the jacket over the left hip area.

    These palm rests tend to come in two styles: the handle, which you see above (it is a handle around which you can wrap your left hand) or a palm swell, which is a semi-hemisphere which you rest in your left palm. The handle seems more popular in rimfire circles these days. Anschuetz sells a rest which is more of a flat bar – very utilitarian and much less obtrusive if you’re going to switch from off-hand to three-position shooting.

  3. There is an Eric Johnson RIFLE, not just a rifle with an Eric Johnson barrel on it, on Gunbroker as we speak, with a bit of interesting Camp Perry history to it as well.


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