Coronavirus Weekend Update 3/1/220

  • Rhode island announces “presumptive” case; patient recently visited Italy
  • Global virus deaths hit 3,000 as China reports another 42
  • Washington State confirms 2 more cases
  • 2 new cases confirmed in California
  • Israel case total hits 10 day before vote
  • South Korea death toll hits 22
  • Germany case total doubles in 24 hours to 129
  • Mexico case total climbs to 5
  • White House to hold meeting tomorrow with 8 pharma CEOs
  • Italy reports 42% jump in cases overnight to nearly 1,700
  • France reports 30 new cases, bringing total to 130
  • Czech Republic, Dominican Republic report first cases
  • Chinese health officials report first ‘double lung’ transplant connected to virus case
  • Iraq, Bahrain confirm 6 new cases; Lebanon confirms 3
  • 6 being tested in NYC for coronavirus
  • South Korea confirms 18th death, officials seek murder charges for founder of church at epicenter of outbreak
  • American Physical Society cancels major scientific conference
  • Juventus quarantines U23 squad
  • Iran death toll hits 54 as Trump offers aid
  • Thailand, Australia report first deaths
  • Spain case count hits 73; France hits 100
  • Independent scientist says it could have been spreading in WA for six weeks, with hundreds infected
  • Italian cases number more than 1,100; South Korea reports more than 3,700
  • Italian death toll hits 29
  • Luxembourg reports first cases, says it’s linked to Italy
  • UK cases rise to 35 as 12 new cases confirmed; 2 cases infected inside UK
  • UK health secretary says China-style lockdowns “an option”


  1. I’m going to go out on a limb and suggest that the virus has been here in the US since about the beginning of January, and what’s going to make this blow up into a “pandemic panic” is testing. People die all the time from flu and colds that turn into pneumonia. This corona virus is just another precursor to that, and the odds are, it’s been here for quite awhile. The idiots will turn it into a panic, just because they start testing for it and find it.

    If you go by the reported symptoms, people in my family have been dueling with this crap since early January. It keeps going away and coming back… Kind of like Democrats. My guess is that I’ve got it right f**king now, on about the third iteration of it. We’ll see–The only reason it hasn’t shown up on the radar is that they haven’t been testing for it, and it’s disappeared into the background noise of flu and other things during the winter disease period.

  2. I believe the worst we will see from Corona is the financial hits to economies and the resulting problems from these hits which may cause more death then a actual plague,will be very glad to be wrong.I am going out to the stores today to fill some holes in the comfort food end and will write up later conditions I see after the weekend(when many shop)as to shelves being stocked or empty.

    On a side note,am glad the good folks @PSA have gone mostly inhouse on their production of fine quality products and thus hopefully are not too affected by supply train disruptions at least initially! Rumor has it they may go into production of the highly sought after M-14 rifle,one can hope!


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