Hate Mail Part 4


Is this the reason for the over-sensitivity? For being a fraud and having a small penis? Well, if you dont have it in the hips ya better have it in the lips. Adapt and overcum my good man. Btw, I love PSA.” -Michael

I wish I could take credit for the meme above. Sadly I can not. It was made by some one on a boogaloo instagram account I follow.

You can always tell the ones hurt the most when you don’t affirm their emotional attachment to whatever firearm they own. They act much like anti gun liberal kooks and go straight to sexual insults. The obsession with certain parts of the male anatomy is telling..


  1. I really think the hate mail should become a regular thing occasionally,could be very entertaining!I view it along the lines of FOOM ect.I like the PSA stuff me and a few friends own,really all that matters.That said,I think you going off big time on PSA could result in a plethora of comedic comments and worth it.

    On a side note,have I ever mentioned how much I love the m-14?


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