Colt AR15 Resource Talks About The India Contract 6940


Brent at The Colt AR15 Resource just put up a great detailed article about the India contract Colt 6940s.

In November of 2011, the Indian army numbered about 1.2 million infantrymen. It was the second largest army in the world. The army had changed its combat rifles only twice since Independence on August 15th, 1947. The first change was after the 1962 China war. The second change was in 1998, just before the 1999 Kargil war when the domestically designed and produced 5.56mm Indian Small Arms System (INSAS) rifle was adopted. After the adoption of the INSAS weapon system in 1998, there were multiple reports of reliability problems that resulted in many deaths among foreign users and Indian soldiers engaged in skirmishes with Pakistan. In addition to the deaths in combat from malfunctions, there were documented problems with magazines cracking and oil being blown into soldier’s eyes during training events, amongst other issues.

Variants of the India INSAS rifle

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  1. Y’know… Every time I start to get depressed about the US small arms procurement mess, all I have to do to cheer myself up is thing of the poor bastards in India. I’ve got a Sikh friend of mine who was in the Indian Army for a bit, and whenever you bring up things like the INSAS, all you can get out of him is incoherent rage, profanity, and vows to exterminate all the “babus” that run the bureaucracy.

    I guess it got so bad where he was at that they were going out on operations deliberately designed to kill and loot the corpses of the Maoists for their weapons, and then refusing to turn in the stuff they got off them or outright lying about it to their next higher headquarters. Of course, he never personally saw this, but he’d “heard it from reliable sources”.


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