Lucky Shot ( Sniping in Korean War)


” The Chinese used mostly concussion grenades and one slipped in that knocked the wind out of me. I had about a dozen pieces in my field jacket sleeve and my leg.Most could have been removed with tweezers.

The firefight was over about as fast as it started, but I was laying there clutching my scoped rifle when some one pointed out a Chinese across the valley waving a red flag with other red soldiers cheering him on.

My last shot had been close, so I had to adjust the scope for 600 yards. I got into a hasty sling and fired at the flag wavers. That shot may still be flying around North Korea because no one paid any attention. Some one ordered me to the aid station and I started away, but the guy waving the red flag really annoyed me.

Off hand, with no sling- I even forgot to pull the scope back into position- I let a round go at the flag man. Down he went, right on his butt, and his red army cheering section hit the dirt. No one was more amazed than me, but our exec was trooping the line down and saw the shot. “Damn fine shot Killeen!”

So being a modest man, I accepted all of the congratulations as if that kind of shot was an every day thing.”

Francis Killeen GYSGT USMC


  1. “They couldn’t hit an elephant at this distance.”

    Famous last words (or near enough) of Union General John Sedgwick, shot thru the head by a Confederate sniper at the battle of Spotsylvania Courthouse.

    • I like how Phil Kearney was killed. Ridding away from CSA infantry and killed. When tey walked up to get his body they couldnt see any wound. Turned out the round went right up his asshole. “The Kearney Shot”

  2. Perfect example of a case where the shooter sees something, attributes it to his own actions, and assumes he was responsible. Reality? No way to tell. Maybe that guy went down from the the shooter’s bullet, maybe it was a random shot from somewhere else, or maybe it was a heart attack.

    This is why combat data is so poor; there is no way to get to ground truth, and since we won’t take the necessary steps to get the info… Here we are.


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