M1014 and VEPR-12


For some time I had wanted to get a Benelli M4 Super 90 (M1014) and figured I’d sell my VEPR-12 after I picked up the Benelli. Molot VEPR-12s are no longer imported, and I am concerned about spare part and magazine availability. I liked the idea of the Benelli having the self contained tubular magazine where I wouldn’t need to worry about accessories. I thought the M4 Super 90 would be an excellent choice due to its’ proven performance, reliability, etc. I traded for a customized limited edition (the flag edition) M1014 model of the M4 Super 90 line.

While I was waiting on the shotgun to come in to my dealer, I read so much about them. The operation, history, manuals, etc. So many people talked about how it will reliably feed any ammo and is so light recoiling.

I wonder now if the people who said that actually shot one. It recoils like a pump action. Shooting the VEPR-12 and the M1014 side by side the VEPR move so much less. Shooting the VEPR-12 is like shooting a standard AK. Shooting the M1014 reminds me of when I had a .45-70 guide gun. Not unpleasant, but moves a great deal with the recoil of every shot. I can shoot the VEPR-12 fast and the barrel stays level and the sights on target.

I would have probably would like the Benelli a great deal more had I never shot a Vepr-12. But I can load 3 inch slugs and extra-light bird shot in the mag of the Vepr-12 and it runs it fine due to its’ self adjusting gas system. The M1014 chokes on light loads and makes heavy loads borderline unpleasant to shoot.

Now, I’m not so sure I’m going to keep that Benelli. I might just sell or trade it off and leave the Molot Vepr-12 as my semi-auto shotgun.


  1. that is pretty surprising. Plus when is anything Russian soft shooting haha? Had heard that the Russian guns had to be set up for one type of round and left that way. But that might have been a Vepr. Either way a shame we can’t get them still.

  2. Csspecs.com makes a great Molot-Vepr 12 magazine – 8 and 10 rounders I think. I have the 10 rounders and they are built like tanks. They go on sale for about 50 bucks each every now and then.

    • I remember when I looked at those I was reading that they had to be fit to the particular weapon. Also I kinda balked at the idea of paying that much for a magazine.

  3. “I wonder now if the people who said that actually shot one. It recoils like a pump action.”

    You have to be joking. As an enthusiast of both the M4/M1014 and the M590a1 platforms I like and shoot both of mine a lot. I can understand the M4 not being some people’s thing, but it recoiling like a pump action is crazy talk. Put some 3″ 00 buck or some slugs through the M4 and then do the same loads right after with a 590 and tell me seriously that feels the same. The M4 is WAY softer.


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