1815 Body Armor


The breastplate of 19 year old cuirassier Antoine Fraveau who was struck and killed by a canonball in June 1815 at the Battle of Waterloo.


      • I’m thinking that hole is more in the 4″ range, myself…

        So, maybe a concealable 84mm Carl Gustav? Slung for underarm carry, with a laser sight?

        You’d have the advantage of being able to take out anyone behind you, as well. Just the thing for those street gang encounters.

        The other benefit is that any survivors would be so thoroughly deafened by the experience that you should just be able to walk away. As well, imagine the reaction that the cops are going to give them, after the fact… “Dude had a f**king cannon, man…” “Sure he did, son, sure he did…”. Witness interviews would be a thing of joy and wonder to behold, I’m sure.

        Alternatively, how about something that fired a HESH projectile, for AP use? Wouldn’t even have to be a firearm, either–You could probably gin something up with a Super Soaker and some sort of polymer-enhanced explosive mixture that you sprayed on your target, and then the goop would either self-detonate or you’d have a Taser-like detonator fired at some point during the process.

        Just ball parking things, here. I’m in a whimsical mood, contemplating the end of the world as we know it due to Coronavirus.


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