Mint Vietnam M1 Helmet & Cover


I thought I would talk about this helmet today. This one is pretty special. This is a M1 steel helmet that was never issue, or it was issued then never use. I bought this in Gettysburg , PA in 2006 at a vintage military shop in Gettysburg named “Gettysburg Quartermaster”. It was a awesome shop. I could have bought a real worn on D-Day US M42 paratrooper jump jacket worn by some one in the 82nd Airborne if I had 4000 dollars or no sense. As it was, the helmet was 100 bucks of memory serves, and I got it for Dad.

You can see the Mitchell pattern cover is dead mint and it still has the leather chin strap on it to help hold the liner and steel helmet together. The ear plugs are the ones issued to Dad while he was in basic training in the 60s and some how he managed to hang on to them all those years.

On the other side in the camo band, is a bottle of Vietnam era insect repellent. and a Unopened spoon that was issued with the C-rations.

You can see the condition of the helmet by how pristine the chin strap keeper is. Still covered in paint.

The liner is the older and in my opinion, better quality liner. The sweat band and webbing still perfect.

I have several more of these in various conditions, with one being a Vietnam Era paratrooper M1. If you guys want to see more let me know.


  1. The insect repellent bottle brought me back to my first day in country. The fellowI was replacing gave me a case, minus a few bottles, of bug repellent and a half case og Spray repellent. I accepted his gift, man am I glad I did; kind of halfheartedly. About 48 hours later I realized he had given me GOLD!


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