A Certain Gun Buyer Mindset


A thread was started on arfcom yesterday by a member who had some things to say about gun buyers and their habits and mentality. He makes some good points that are worth reading. I think using “the poors” terminology is the wrong phrase in this case but I am at a loss to think of something better. Some people will read this below and get their panties in a twist and not be able to look further even though he wrote a disclaimer about how much money a person earns has nothing to do with this mindset.

*This has nothing to do with how much money you make or how much money you have*

The poors must stop.

Every gun place on teh interwebs, and along with many other subjects they spew their poor diarrhea everywhere.

The poors spend 5k on new rims, fail to do maintenance on a car and bitch about reliability.

The poors buy a thousand dollar dog and won’t seek veterinary treatment for small easily treatable issues.

The poors order firearms parts on sale they can’t normally afford, then do an unboxing and bitch about a small scuff before they even shoot the damn gun.

The poors buy a high end rifle, shoot an 87″ group at 25yds and bitch about accuracy.

A person of lesser means buys a car they can afford, a person of higher means does the same. But they maintain the vehicle.
A person of lesser means adopts a dog and gives the dog the care within their means, as does a person of higher means.
A person of lesser means buys a PSA and ammo and shoots. A person of higher means buys a 416 or LMT and shoots the gun.

The poors like the appearance of owning X, but never the actual purchase. They are never happy with any purchase because they never actually use the product, invest time training the animal, or maintain the products they buy. They also lack experience but feel money can buy experience. The poors then attempt to lecture others about their own failures and poor decisions.

I know you have seen what he is talking about, It’s very common. It’s easy to spot. It always makes me think of the guys I have met that complain about not having enough money for ammo or a decent CCW gun. They then drink up a few hundred dollars of booze a week. The pet dog and the vet bills example is golden. I can’t count the people I have met with two to three dogs or cats, pet birds and turtles and hamster or any other pet and can’t even afford to pay a cell phone bill.

He went on to talk about an example of this stuff he saw earlier.

some guy posted in tech a while ago that he broke an E3 bolt. I’m thinking “Fucking awesome, we got one. What’s the round count? *click*

Nope, got a bad lot of Frontier, hot cartridge just damaged the extractor. Of course he didn’t have a spare extractor. Of course that’s Knight’s fault.

Another user pointed out this mindset when it comes to vehicles at his job.

Every body has money for wheels, tires, lift kits, light bars, subwoofers and amplifiers that will rattle windows set off car alarms and home security alarms from literally 2 blocks away. I’m not kidding.

But the minute that fucking bro dozer has a check engine light on?
And it’s not covered under warranty because. Mileage.

Another member has quick test you can take yourself to see if this type of behavior applies to you.

Are you happy with your guns? Do you maintain them? Do you complain incessantly on forums about tiny imperfections?
Did you find a scratch where the EOTech mounts to the rail and demand a refund/replacement?


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