Coronavirus Update 2/17/2020

  • China finally allows US experts inside
  • Hubei reports 1,807 new cases, and 93 deaths
  • Singapore reports 3 new cases, DP reports 90
  • Hubei reports new cases fall for the
  • Beijing weighs postponing National Congress
  • Japan delays Tokyo Marathon, raising concerns about the Olympics
  • 14 Americans aboard evacuation flight found to have virus
  • 5 virus-linked deaths rumored in Tibet
  • WHO reiterates that signs of slowdown in new China cases doesn’t mean outbreak is slowing
  • Wuhan hospital boss dies

State media reports have confirmed that Liu Zhiming, the boss of one of the Wuhan hospitals battling the coronavirus, has died.

For what seemed like weeks after the outbreak began, Tibet repeatedly reported that it had zero confirmed cases of the virus, even after it had spread to every other Chinese province (there are 31 in total).

Now, online rumors might shed some light on why: It’s not that the virus hadn’t arrived, it’s that party leaders in Tibet – for whatever reason (lack of resources, a motivation to impress Beijing) – didn’t report the full breadth of the problem.

Unconfirmed reports claim 5 have died in Tibet from the virus.

What was once tinfoil hat internet rumor about the Kung FLu being a designed weapons has grown more credible with even some in China agreeing. The fact that the research facility was a short range rifle shot from the are first reported as the source of the outbreak.


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