Sacrebleu ! How could such a thing in Harlem? Guns are virtually banned so there is no way for a suspect dressed in black wearing air jordans (…………) to hurt some one.!

A French tourist was randomly slashed in the neck while strolling around Harlem with his girlfriend Friday, police said.

Frog gigging?

The couple was walking on Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Boulevard between 132nd and 133rd streets in Upper Manhattan around 11 a.m. when a stranger suddenly jumped the 27-year-old victim and slashed him across the face and neck with a knife, cops said.

The man and his girlfriend had just walked out of the IHOP on 135th Street when the unprovoked attack happened, police sources said.

EMS rushed the victim to Harlem Hospital, he was listed in critical but stable condition.

Police canvassed the neighborhood for a suspect dressed in black and wearing Air Jordan sneakers but had yet to find him.

The Coulter Rule is full effect..

A man who works in a nearby building saw the incident on surveillance tape and detailed what happened for The Post.

“A man and woman were walking down the street, and a guy was walking beside them, like side-by-side. Then [the attacker] turns towards [the victim], looked him in the eye and pulled out — it looked like a box cutter — and sliced him on the neck,” the worker said.

Meanwhile locals just now wake up to the reality of the world.

Other neighborhood people were just as upset by the attack. Not as upset as the Frenchman with a second mouth on his neck I’m betting.

A worker from the Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Homeless Shelter said, “I’m so surprised. I just want them to catch this guy. It’s so random, and it could have been me.” Yeah Adam, it could have been. Maybe you should as the Mayor for more gun laws.

William Modeste, 38, a local real-estate agent with Uptown Flats, added, “I think it’s a random attack and so unexpected. Totally random, nothing to see here .

“We always have plenty of visitors in the neighborhood, and when I heard about it, I just thought, ‘This person had cruelty on his mind.’ ” This person is damn genius.

Link to the NYpost with video but I already gave you the best parts of video and text.



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