Indian Army Major Developed “Bullet Proof ” Helmet


An Indian Major has reportedly developed a bullet proof helmet. Able to resist an “AK 47 round” from as close to 10 meters. I have no idea what exact round that may be as “AK47 ” is not a generic term for anything that looks like an AK,. But I will make a guess and say the M43 round AKA 7.62×39. What is the standard service round in use by Pakistan? Whatever it is, that is no doubt what his helmet and vest was intended to stop. I would be very interested to know how it would handle the new super duper pooper scouper eco friendly M855A1. Or even regular old M855 and M193 ammo. I’m sure some one will be telling us by the end of the day that this is why the Army needs the new 6.8 round or , God forbid, why we need to bring back 7.62NATO.

Mishra is part of the Indian Army’s College of Military Engineering, He was inspired to design the helmet after he was saved by his bulletproof jacket when struck with a sniper round several years ago. 

“This jacket can withstand a sniper bullet from even 10 meters”, Mishra said. 

Again ,I have no idea what a “sniper bullet ” means exactly. But lets assume 7.62x54R

Army Chief General Bipin Rawat awarded Mishra the Army Design Bureau Excellence Award at the Army Technology Seminar for developing the helmet.


  1. I remember seeing a kevlar with a 7.62×39 sticking out of it in the 82d Airborne Museum after Grenada. Story was guy got hit from about 10 meters. He’s OK.

    So, yeah, I thought that was standard wit the PASGT, MICH and ACH.

  2. It is India. Procurement and everything surrounding it is a mess. See, for a perfect example, the INSAS rifle fiasco. No doubt, this guy copied something submitted by an outside company, and/or is taking credit for something that the essentially corrupt system threw up.

    There are some great Indian soldiers (Gurkhas, Sikhs, several others…), but so long as the rest of the Indian defense establishment is as corrupt as it is, they are never going to reach their full potential.

  3. I don’t know what the standard Pakistan Army rifle is, but the country is awash in AK-pattern guns in what looked like 7.62×39.

    And pistol-grip-only 12 gauges for the security guards. There’s nothing quite like a place where the banks are guarded by a guy in his pajamas with a scattergun.


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