Flux Defense MP17 Review


This review was written courtesy of friend @yoitstitus

Ever seen a 400 dollar paperweight you waited 5 months for? Well here it is! “Disappointed” doesn’t even begin to describe how I’m feeling about this Flux Defense MP17.

I’ve tried 5 different FCUs and every single one stops working when installed, it kills the trigger. Not only that but NO MAGs fully seat in the receiver. I ordered this brace September 13th, so a 5 month wait to get a non-working piece of equipment. This looks 3D printed and kinda soft ( not a deal breaker but didn’t know that).

Something is going on in the taje down lever area, though I/m unsure the issue. The trigger is live without the take down lever in and as soon as I inteall the lever the whole FCU stops working. Looks hella fresh though I guess…


  1. Maybe contact these guys, see if they can offer an answer as to what happened? I used to want one very badly, though. Cool and novel concept.

    • its not my gun. its really not my place to contact them over some one else having a problem with their product. ” hey guys this guy I know is having a problem with your product” Yeah they would take that really seriously lol

  2. Sell it to me if it’s the one with the red spring (brace version). I’ve heard they need a little at home smithing to get them functioning properly.


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