Nikon Trade-In Program Offered By Atibal Optics


Welcome to Atibal’s Nikon Scope Trade-In Program. As you may or may not know as of Jan. 1, 2020 Nikon is no longer going to be producing or selling any version of a rifle scope. Some may consider this to be unfortunate as Nikon has, over time, earned a reputation as a trusted manufacturer of rifle scopes. We will not venture to speculate the motivation behind Nikon’s decision, we can only offer our support for those who are going to be most affected by this course of action. Which brings us to our trade-in program and a simple question; what will current Nikon rifle scope owners do now in the event of a warranty claim or customer service? Are you a current Nikon scope owner? Would you be interested in trading in your Nikon scope for a brand new Atibal scope comparable to the scope you wish to trade, or for credit toward the purchase of an Atibal optic of your choice? If you answered yes to that last questions then visit


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