Coronavirus Updated Numbers 2/13/2020

  • Norwegian Cruise Line denies report of passenger being tested for coronavirus
  • Hubei province reports 116 new deaths and 4,823 new cases, bringing the total count to 1,486 deaths and 65,213 cases
  • Wuhan residents report hearing loud noises followed by helicopters
  • Japan reports first virus death
  • Australia quarantines cruise ship
  • President Xi says China will minimize impact from virus
  • Chinese leadership scapegoats local officials
  • EIA joins OPEC in warning about upcoming drop in oil use, the first in a decade.
  • HHS Secretary says CDC will announce another confirmed COVID-19 case in US on Thursday
  • 21 people in Spain released from quarantine
  • US admin reportedly questioning China’s reporting
  • White House reportedly “doubts” China’s coronavirus numbers
  • CDC warns more infections possible after first US case confirmed in Texas (15th overall)
  • 2 Russian women attempt escape from quarantine
  • EU could close border if outbreak worsens
  • Kudlow says US “disappointed” in China virus response
  • Shanghai reports 300+ more cases

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