ATHENA Precision Chassis Rifle


Drake Associates has a line up of rifles using a chassis system…

ATHENA is monolithic design with the lower receiver and handguard machined from a single piece of aluminum, leaving a freefloated, 18″ Satern Button Drake Heavy Profile Contour Barrel (16″ and 20″ also available). However, there is a top section of the handguard incorporating Picatinny rail which can be removed. The 6 O’clock position also features partial Pic rail for a bipod.”

This results in average accuracy of .6 – .7 MOA at 100 yds, with the best group at .366 MOA, using 77 gr Federal OTM ammunition. Now get this, it’s at a muzzle velocity of 2,737 fps.”

Yeah, I’m skeptical. This looks an awful lot like the famous solution looking for a problem.

They say they will also have a .224 Valkyrie version out and a 7.62mm version out soon.

Take a gander at the link below if these do anything for you.


  1. Wizzed by that over on SSD, thought it was some new bolt gun and kept moving. I pay a bit more attention here, so it’s a monolithic LOWER?

  2. I can’t see how this does anything that a free float handguard doesn’t do. Unless you’re REALLY bearing down on that thing some how.

  3. A freefloat handguard takes pressure off the bbl but the weight of the barrel is still hanging off the upper to lower interface and flexing to some degree due to any slop in the fit of the upper to lower. You can only make them fit so tight together. The fit will flex some depending on if you are holding it freehand or resting the handguard on a bag/bipod or what have you. If the upper is really well put together or monolithic it will flex minimally but still flexing. With a chassis like this the weight is all on the pins so you have reduced the flex further. Ever little bit helps so in theory at least this is an improvement. Whether it’s worth the geld you are laying out probably depends on if you can shoot well enough to take advantage of it. It ought to make the gun more accurate by removing another variable.


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