The M1910 US Canteen


Another cool post from Rock Island Arsenal Museum today. Above is a drawing of the M1910 Canteen used by the US military. Approved and adopted by the 1909 US Infantry Equipment Board who met at Rock Island Arsenal.

I have collected several 1910 canteens over the years, I don’t know why but water always taste great out of a metal canteen.

Above is one of my many 1910 model canteens. You can see the metal cap later replaced by the black plastic cap used in WW2.

This one has seen better days, so its the one I use while squirrel hunting. I have some in nearly mint condition in storage I am too lazy to dig out. Maybe we will look at those on another day.


  1. I have some various ones from the years If you want to use the photos for articles you’re welcome to them. I think the only variant I’m missing is the WWII plastic. 1 has a 173rd troopers trench art showing his travels from Pre-Vietnam deployment.


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