Interesting picture of some ARVN rangers in Saigon during the TET offensive. The point of focus is the ranger second from left . The Ranger is using the M14E2.

As bad of an idea as the m14 is, the M145E2 is like making a bad idea and putting a bad idea on top of it.

The M14 was meant to replace everything. The M1 Garand, the BAR, the Thompson and the M3 and the M1 Carbine etc. One of the variants of the M14 to dill the BAR roll was the E2. They took an M14 m added a wood stock with a pistol grip, put bipods and a comp on it and added a folding front grip. Obviously none of it helped. The gun over heated, it was still extremely hard to control during full auto fire, got heavier and the 20 round mag didn’t help. Even as just a rifle for the automatic rifleman it was a failure. The stock did see some duty later on as a stock for sniper variants. That’s about it.

It’s telling that by the time of the famous TET offensive , the US was already dumping them off on on ally. If anyone ever needed any proof DC didn’t care about the Republic of South Vietnam, issuing them M14E2s is all you need! I kid, but it does show how fast the idea was given up.


  1. There were two of those contraptions that were set up on sandbags at the bunker at the entrance to ARVIN III-Corps headquarters outside of Long Bien Army Post in 1972. I wondered at the time what lunatic thought that was a good idea.


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