“Speed Holstering” Or, How to shoot yourself.


That is a close call. Luckily the only damage done was a 50 dollar pair of pants, and some pride and ego.

There is a big thing about holstering your handgun without having to look at it. Or “speed holstering” after shooting. I have no idea why so many people are in such a hurry to get their handgun back into the holster. I can say without doubt the big flashy training videos from a few years ago contributed to this.

Keep your gun out until you are 100 sure the threat is over. Then take your time putting it back in the holster. If you have a jacket on or a shirt or anything that might hang up in it, Look first! Especially if your handgun doesn’t have a manual safety.


  1. That “Be 100% sure the threat has ended before reholstering” Is something I keep in mind.
    The fast rehosltering and “No Look” reholstering looks cool and it is something some people can do safely.
    As someone who gave up trying to look or be cool fifty years ago, do what’s prudent, I look.
    Never do anything to reduce your odds of survival.

    And BTW, that is one lucky man.

  2. Sooo, cop ND’d with a serpa holster. Again. Still…Not news.

    The real headline should be “Morons who are about to accidentally shoot something are readily idenfied by their use of proven unsafe holsters.”

  3. Serpa holsters are only a problem on draw, but all holsters require careful use when you are holstering the gun, just ask Lee Paige.


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